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Pictures are on the way :)

A warm welcome to Sheila Dale Grycki


I was out toolin' around 44 and ended up in Garson Manitoba.  Now, my first impression was -

"A good place to get tractor parts!"

Well sir, I was about 2 light years off base. First, I saw the "Harvest Moon Cafe" (see 44 wonders) and entered the most interesting restaurant I have ever seen. Great food btw :)

INTRIGUING I thinks to myself !

Then I met Sheila, the very beautiful young lady who owns the cafe and does the cooking.

WOW says I :)

Then, she informs me that she does the carvings and art work that decorate the place.

WHOA !!! ... Now I am really impressed.

THEN - I find out she is also a self taught harp player who writes and performs her own classical music.

That does it !!! - I am in love again ...

 I have to stop doing that !

Check out the sample tracts below. I will be adding more info as it comes available.

Say hello to a very talented lady :)

eMail Sheila          Visit her website          Visit the Harvest Moon Cafe profile




Really - pictures are being sent - even as we speak.




I am pretty sure that pictures are being prepped and forwarded ...

Sample Tracks ...

Child Of The Sea          Secret Garden          Starlit      

Blazing Heart - Crashing Head On - Spell Of September