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Okay - due for an update here. RMR is amazing. I have never had the pleasure of watching a group grow until I met Sheena, Dan and Dan. If you have not seen these folks perform - get off your butt and go see them. You will not regret it. Dates / loc's are on their web site.

The pic is an old one - but then so am I so too bad... Sheena is the good looking one in the center - Dan on the left ... Dan on the right ... hmmmm - sounds like an old cheer I have heard somewhere.

Enjoy a few sample tracks. The full songs can be played at their web site.

Visit their website for more music, pics, and info - including tour dates. Their web site is quickly becoming more about accomplishments than upcoming stuff.

RMR has just released the most amazing video I have seen in a very long time. In my life that means a very/very long time - not that I am old :)

****  NEW  VIDEO   ****

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Visit their website

Sample Tracks ...

Do or Die       Where My Heart Is       The Sailor Song       Private Love