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Folks - meet MJ Dandeneau ... a world class bassist, singer, and fantastic entertainer.

I first saw MJ when she was with a delightful group called Oh My Darling. They were playing at "The Trails" and I was blown away by the music ... especially the very groovy bass player who was a delightful performer. I did not have the pleasure of  talking to her then but ran into her again a couple of weeks ago - at "The Trails" of course :))

The more I learn about her - the more impressed I become :)) Visit her web site and check out her performing schedule. I did not realize planes could fly that fast.

MJ is a very talented, hard working, musician who obviously loves the performing as well. Check her schedule and go to see her. You have my personal guarantee - you will love her as I do :))

Lots of pics / videos / tracks on MJ's site

Enjoy a few sample tracks below


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Sample Tracks ...

I Want To See The Light - Sarah MacDougall      Memories - Leonard Summer      Malmo - Sarah MacDougall