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This is good stuff folks :)

Dan and Claire are a fantastic, musical pair. And the cover for their CD is one of the best I have ever seen - Love it.

I don't know who wrote the songs - but I will find out. Doesn't mean I will tell you though :)

Fire & Smoke played at the "Ridge" today and it was a fantastic experience. Got an autographed CD, a great "Ridge Burger", and a couple of beers - life is good :)

Enjoy a few sample tracks from their album "Maiden Voyage". My favourite is "Lord I'm Leaving".

My favourite song is "Lord I'm Leaving".  I love that track.


Their web site is no longer available - Dan is now with Red Moon Road.

Sample Tracks ...

Lord I'm Leaving        I'll Look For You Also     Prends La Maison

Dead Man's Love          Breathing Slow